Practical Reflash Tuning

$229 USD

If you’re interested in tuning modern performance vehicles then the technique of reflashing is increasingly becoming the best and most cost effective technique available to you. Reflashing allows the maps held in the stock ECU to be modified and optimised the same way the factory calibration engineers did the job.

While the way the engine responds to fuel and ignition is no different than a standalone ECU, the way the ECU operates, what the maps in the ECU look like, and the correct approach to tuning the engine do differ. This course will give you the skills and techniques you need to successfully reflash a stock ECU. :

  • How a factory ECU measures load
  • How to deal with torque limits
  • How to correctly scale a MAF sensor
  • How to adjust your tune for new injectors
  • How to adjust the fuel delivery
  • How to optimise ignition timing
  • How the factory knock control system functions
  • The difference between open loop and closed loop
  • Speed density vs MAF load measurement
  • How to configure and use a data logger

After completing this course you will have the knowledge and skills to confidently begin tuning cars with a commercial or open source reflashing package. More importantly though you will learn the HPA 6 Step Process that you can apply to any tuning job - This will give you the correct order to approach your tuning and ensure you don’t overlook any critical tasks.

This course assumes an understanding of EFI tuning principles, and if you’re new to tuning we would recommend you consider our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course and Understanding AFR courses first.

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NOTE: This course covers reflashing using a commercial or open source reflashing package. We don’t cover how to find maps in a stock ROM file or how to reverse engineer a stock ECU. This course does not include the software or hardware required to reflash your vehicle - We don’t sell these products.

What you will learn
  • How a factory ECU measures load
  • How to correctly scale a MAF sensor
  • The 6 Step process to apply to any reflash job
  • How to optimise fuel delivery and ignition timing
  • How to configure your ECU for new injectors
  • How to use data logging to optimise your tune