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24 January 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

111 | Injector Timing - Haltech Elite

Adjusting the point in the engine cycle when the injection event occurs can have a significant affect on the way fuel is delivered into the combustion chamber. In this webinar we will discuss open valve vs closed valve injection strategies and discuss techniqu...

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31 January 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

112 | Dyno Operation (Intermediate) - Mainline AWD1200

In this webinar we will discuss how to set up the Mainline DynoLog software for a new vehicle prior to performing testing. We will look at the correct techniques to setup the dyno and some tricks and tips that will save you time, help ensure consistency from s...

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07 February 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

113 | Dual VVT Tuning Strategies - MoTeC M1

Cam timing can have a dramatic affect on the performance of our engines, and variable cam timing allows us to optimise the cam timing throughout the engines rev range. This however does add extra complexity, particularly when we have the ability to adjust both...

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14 February 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

114 | Setting up Dash Comms - Sending a CAN message to M1 from Dash

Modern ECUs and dash loggers that offer flexible CAN messaging greatly simplify the installation of complex electronic systems in our cars as data can often be sent between multiple devices. In this webinar we will look at how to configure a sensor in a MoTeC ...

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