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02 March 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

116 | Selecting a Suitable ECU For Your Application

Choosing the right ECU can be a tricky task and getting it wrong can waste a huge amount of time and money. In this webinar we will go through what you need to consider when planning out your project. In particular we will look at the required inputs, outputs ...

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07 March 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

117 | Idle Speed Control - Haltech Elite

Getting accurate and stable control of idle speed is critical if you want to produce tunes that replicate OE quality. In this webinar we will discuss the options available in the Haltech Elite for controlling idle speed, and offer a strategy for correctly opti...

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14 March 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

118 | Understanding Injector Characterisation - AEM Infinity

With any VE-based fuel model, the injector characterisation data is critical to the accuracy of your VE table. Each manufacturer has their own techniques for applying this data and in this webinar we will find out what each table in the Infinity means and how ...

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21 March 2017, 3.00pm NZDT

119 | Dyno Operation - Torque Test

The Mainline dyno offers the ability to perform advanced tests to help optimise many tuning parameters. In this webinar we will focus on the Torque Optimisation Test and discuss how to configure it to help optimise ignition timing, cam angle, injection timing ...

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